Manx7 Standard

Manx7 Canary

Manx7 Legacy

Manx7 Standard Edition is our most prioritized branch with all the latest completed features, 24/7 uptime, quailty music, and is the only branch that supports the Manx7 Custom Partner Program, overall this branch is the most stable and reliable of the current three available branches.

Manx7 Legacy Edition is the original 2017 branch of Manx7, it lacks major features, is not maintained, and no longer receives any updates, overall this branch is decently stable, but is not very reliable, we do not recommend using this branch for any purposes other than seing how Manx7 started off.

Manx7 Canary Edition is the development branch of Manx7, it has all the same features that the Standard branch has and includes new unready features, however it not always stable, and is not reliable, we do not recommend using this branch without having the Standard branch ready as a backup.