Manx7 Standard

Manx7 Legacy


help: Sends you a DM with a list of helpful commands!

echo: Have Manx7 repeat what you said in chat!

embed: Have Manx7 send an emed with your message into chat!

Info: Sends a list of Manx7's information into chat!

sinfo: Sends some information about the current guild into chat!

avatar: Get another user's avatar!

date: Get the current date [EST]!

type: Make Manx7 start typing an endless message!

joke: Sends a really poor quality joke into chat!

poll: Ask something in the current chat, people can vote on it!

rpt: Send a report to the Manx7 Support Server!

away: Set an AFK status that shows up when you're pinged!

fox: Get a random adorable fox image sent into chat!



e621: Get a lewd image from!



hug: Hug another user!

kiss: Kiss another user!

slap: Slap another user!

nuke: Nuke another user!

cookie: Give another user a cookie!

pet: Pet another user!

stalk: Stalk another user!

cry: Let people know you just cried!

blush: Let people know you just blushed!

dance: Let people know you are dancing!



play: Play a song or radio stream!
switch: Switch the player to your current voice channel!

stop: Make the player clear the queue and leave the voice channel!

loop: Makes the queue loop infinitely, even if you leave! 

remove: Removes a song from the queue by number!

queue: Lets you manage the queue!

volume: Change the player's volume!

pause: Pauses the player!

resume: Resumes the player!

skip: Skips a number of songs!



ban: Bans another user from the server!

server-leave: Make Manx7 leave the server!

setnick: Update another user's nickname!

resetnick: Reset another user's nickname!

kick: Kicks another user from the server!

purge: Clears a listed amount of messages! [MAX: 200]

settings: Enable/Disables just about any command!

setnick: Set someone's nickname!

resetnick: Reset someone's nickname!


say: Sends a message with your content into chat!

info: Sends information about Manx7 Legacy into chat!



kick: Kick another user!

ban: Ban anothe ruser!

clear: Clears an amount of messages!